Doorstep statement by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakos upon arrival at the Special European Council

The time has come for Europe to discuss, with courage and honesty, the kind of relationship it really wants to have with Turkey. One thing is certain: Turkey’s provocativeness, whether it is expressed through unilateral actions or through extreme rhetoric, can no longer be accepted.

Not only because Turkey’s behaviour violates the sovereign rights of two member-states of the European Union -Greece and Cyprus- but also due to the fact that it infringes upon important European geopolitical interests in the Mediterranean.

Two paths appear now before us: One is the path of dialogue, of diplomacy, a dialogue that must be based on respect for International Law, the avoidance of unilateral actions and the rules of good neighborly relations. The other route is the one of escalating tension which, inevitably -sooner or later- will lead to Europe taking measures against Turkey.

Greece has proven through its actions that it wants to follow the first path. It rests upon Turkey to do the same. But it should do so consistently and with continuity.