Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ video message for the Save Ukraine #StopWar charity event

I am speaking to you today from Greece, the birthplace of democracy. I am one voice among millions. Voices united for Ukraine. Voices united against this war.

For Greeks, Ukraine’s suffering is deeply personal. Mariupol, a city besieged, is home to a 150,000 strong Greek community.

Helping the Ukrainian people isn’t a matter of choice for the Greek people, it is a matter of necessity, it is a matter of principle.

This is why we will continue to send aid to Ukraine and treat Ukrainian children in our hospitals.

This is why we have welcomed more than 15.000 Ukrainian refugees, 5.000 of whom are children.

And this is why we will help rebuild Ukraine – starting with Mariupol’s maternity hospital.
Tonight, wherever in the world you are, know this: in the fight against tyranny, in the fight for democracy, and in the pursuit of Ukrainian self-determination, your voice counts.
Greece stands with you. Together we can Stop This War.