Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ doorstep statement upon his arrival at the ceremony for the commercial operation launch of the Natural Gas Interconnector Greece – Bulgaria (IGB)

The Prime Minister is in Sofia, where he participates in the ceremony for the launch of the commercial operation of the Natural Gas Interconnector Greece – Bulgaria (IGB). The Prime Minister stated upon his arrival:

“I would like to express my great satisfaction over the fact that a very important project of energy interconnection is now officially completed. The IGB pipeline, which connects the natural gas systems of Greece and Bulgaria will enable Bulgaria to widen its natural gas supply sources, while at the same time it reinforces Greece’s position as an important geostrategic, geopolitical player in the wider regional energy map.

The investments that Greece has made in Alexandroupolis, in total, feature the city of Alexandroupolis as an alternative energy import source – initially of liquified natural gas – so that we can cover not only the needs of Greece, but also the needs of the Balkans, and – why not – the needs of central Europe.

In a period when Russia uses natural gas as a weapon, it takes more cooperation between countries so that we can eliminate this clear threat attempt, which finally turns against all European citizens. However, even more European cooperation is required, equivalent with the one demonstrated by the states of the Balkans.

We have been discussing for many months now the issue of a cap on natural gas. This conversation has matured. Fifteen countries have supported this initiative and I think that it is time for the European Union to move faster, submit specific proposals so that we can make final decisions, the latest, by the ordinary Summit in Brussels.

It is inconceivable that there is no European solidarity and that there are countries that pursue an autonomous policy of support of their own societies, just because they have the economic and fiscal capacity to do so. Europe must prove that it can rise up to the occasion and demonstrate the necessary European solidarity when it faces an existential economic crisis”.