Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ address during lunch with representatives of the Greek Diaspora community in New York

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attended this afternoon a lunch with members of the Greek community in the United States and representatives of Diaspora organizations, at the residence of the Permanent Representative of Greece to the United Nations, in New York.

In his address at the opening of the event, the Prime Minister, referring to the Cyprus issue, stated: “I want to reiterate here my firm commitment to a solution to the Cyprus problem that will fully respect the decisions of the United Nations Security Council. For Greece, any solution outside these parameters, any notion or any discussion about a two-state solution is simply not acceptable and this is something that I had the opportunity to communicate again today to President Erdoğan”.

Regarding the disasters caused by storm “Daniel”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted: “The country is resilient. The economy is doing rather well. We will recover from this natural disaster with some help from our European friends, but also from Greeks, from within Greece, but also from abroad. We will make sure that we don’t just build back what was destroyed by the water, but make sure that we build it back better, because what we experienced this summer was the reality of the climate crisis impacting all of us. It is our obligation to make sure that we come up with a resilient response to what will be events which will take place with a greater frequency; that is a fact and we need to respond to that”.

Regarding the course of the Greek economy and the upgrade of the country’s investment grade rating, the Prime Minister stressed: “I had made the commitment before the campaign that we would get to investment grade within three months and we did manage to deliver. It’s probably the last step in this long and arduous process to leave behind us a very painful decade. And indeed, the economy is doing extremely well. We’re growing much faster than the rest of the eurozone. Not only will there be no recession in Greece, but we expect to grow by more than 2% this year. We continue to attract significant foreign investment and we’re constantly strengthening the Greek brand across various sectors and making sure that Greece is punching above its weight, whether it comes to issues related to the European Union or whether it comes to our broader region”.

On the first law passed after the elections, which ensures the removal of all obstacles in order for Greeks abroad to vote from their permanent place of residence, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said: “If you are registered to vote you can vote from here or wherever you are in the next election. The next election is the European elections and I think this is a very important achievement, it is a national achievement. We have managed to remove all the obstacles that the previous law included and I think that in this way there will be a much more active participation of Greeks abroad, of the Diaspora, of the Greek Diaspora of the United States in the civic affairs of our country. Only good can come from a greater, more systematic participation in public life, and I am particularly glad that we have managed to convince the other parties that we must move in this direction”.