Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ Doorstep Statement upon his arrival at the Informal Leaders’ Meeting in Brussels

At the Informal Leaders’ Meeting which will start shortly, we will have the first and hopefully the last debate on the distribution of important positions of responsibility for the next European cycle.

The European People’s Party enters this negotiation as the winner of the European elections that took place between 6 and 9 June in the European countries and rightfully claims the continuation of Ursula von der Leyen’s presidency of the European Commission.

Beyond that, of course, the issues we will discuss are not only about the distribution of positions, but also about the substantive policies that the European Union will have to implement in the next five years.

And I find it extremely encouraging that the main agenda of the European People’s Party, as it will be expressed, hopefully by the new President of the Commission, Mrs von der Leyen, places a very strong emphasis on issues of competitiveness of the European economy, on the issues of migration, on the issues of the common defence policy, but also on the way in which the green transition will not ultimately harm our farmers, our livestock breeders and our fishermen. Because the debate that will take place, as I said, is not just about individuals, but primarily about policies.

Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic that we will be able to conclude this debate today and have positive news after the completion of the Meeting.

Journalist: Prime Minister Mitsotakis, why will you support a second term of Ursula von der Leyen as President of the Commission?

Kyriakos Mitsotakis: Because she was our Spitzenkandidat and because the European People’s Party won the European elections and because she is a very good President of the Commission.